**********NEW UPDATE ***********

Sumatech Tool v1.7 has been Released.

What's New:

Added Calculate Code by Imei.
Supported Model:

- Azumi L4K
- Azumi L2U
- Azumi L2Z
- Azumi LT40
- Azumi V4
- Azumi Q10
- Azumi Q15
- Azumi K242
- Azumi A4
- Azumi A4 GO.
- Azumi L4Z
- Azumi L3Z
- Azumi Speed V5+
- Azumi A35s
- Azumi 5 plus
- Azumi 5
- Azumi Chic

- Hisense E30 Lite
- Hisense E31 Lite
- Hisense E40
- Hisense E50
- Hisense H30
- Hisense H50
- Hisense U30
- Hisense U30 Sim
- Hisense U30 (U606.10-DF)
- Hisense U40 (HLTE228E)
- Hisense U50
- Hisense U605
- Hisense infinity E50 Lite
- Hisense (HLTE228E)
- Hisense E50 LITE (HLTE228E)
- Hisense E60 Lite (HLTE235E)
- Hisense U963
- Hisense U605-DF
- Hisense U40-HLTE103E
- Hisense U963 (HLTE100)
- Hisense U963 (HLTE100E)
- Hisense U40 LITE

- Hurricane Pulse
- Hurricane T10 Tab
- Hurricane Vortex
- Hurricane Ultra
- Hurricane Link
- Hurricane Iris Plus 2021

- Dash UK(sc7702)

- Orange M20

- Itel A14
- Itel A23S
- Itel A23
- Itel AC60 (L6004I)
- Itel AC13 (W4001P)
- Itel V51 LTE
- Itel V52 LTE (A507LV)
- Itel Vision 1 Pro (L6502)

- V1
- V1 plus (M610)

- M9107
- M9109

Smart Vitochi:
- Smart Vitochi Condor-FP2161L
- Smart Vitochi Zantel-FP78L-Z
- Smart Vitochi Tigo Smart 4G – [FP789L-T]
- Smart Vitochi Tigo Smart 3G [F789L-T]

- Stylo S40 Life
- Stylo 721 Pro DRB42
- Stylo Moscow DRB45
- Stylo Step Up DRB46
- Stylo LIFE DHP99
- Stylo Life 2 Network
- Stylo S40 LIFE CQY88

- Tecno SA2S
- Tecno RB2S
- Tecno SC6S
- Tecno SC7S
- Tecno RB6S
- Tecno RB7S
- Tecno SA7S
- Tecno RB8S
- Tecno Spark 7 Pro(KF8)

- Fix Some Bugs

[Previous Version]
Sumatech Tool_v1.6 has been Released

Sumatech Tool v1.6 has been Released.

What's New:

Added Samsung USA Erase FRP [MTP]

 Supported Model:
- SM-A037U
- SM-A135U
- SM-A146U
- SM-A505U
- SM-A515U
- SM-G998U
- SM-G996U
- SM-G991U
- SM-G990U
- SM-G986U
- SM-G988U
- SM-S908U
- SM-S901U
- SM-S911U
- SM-S916U
- SM-S918U
- SM-N986U
- SM-N981U
- SM-F926U
- SM-F936U
- SM-F946U
- SM-F711U
- SM-F721U
- SM-F731U

Added Samsung Frp Remove Qualcomm Edl by Following Models
- SM-A015F
- SM-A025F
- SM-A115F
- SM-A207F
- SM-A705F
- SM-J415F
- SM-J610G
- SM-M015G
- SM-M025F
- SM-M115F
Added Custom Loader Selection 

- Fix Some bugs
- Many Internal changes
- Gui changes

[Previous Version]
Sumatech Tool_v1.5 has been Released 

Sumatech Tool_v1.5 has been Released.

What's New:

Added Remove FRP Samsung 
Download mode (MTK Devices)

Supported Model:
Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532F
Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532G
Samsung Galaxy A01 Core SM-A013F
Samsung Galaxy A01 Core SM-A013G
Samsung Galaxy A01 Core SM-A013M
Samsung Galaxy A02 A022M
Samsung Galaxy A02 SM-A022F
Samsung Galaxy A02 SM-A022G
Samsung Galaxy A03S SM-A037U
Samsung Galaxy A03S SM-A037F
Samsung Galaxy A03S SM-A037M
Samsung Galaxy A04 SM-A045F
Samsung Galaxy A04e SM-A042F
Samsung Galaxy A05 SM-A055F
Samsung Galaxy A05 SM-A055F/DS
Samsung Galaxy A05 SM-A055M
Samsung Galaxy A05 SM-A055M/DS
Samsung Galaxy A10s SM-A107F
Samsung Galaxy A10s SM-A107M
Samsung Galaxy A12 SM-A125F
Samsung Galaxy A12 SMA125M
Samsung Galaxy A12 SM-A125N
Samsung Galaxy A12 SM-A125U
Samsung Galaxy A12 SM-A125U1
Samsung Galaxy A13 5G SM-A136B
Samsung Galaxy A13 5G SM-A136U
Samsung Galaxy A13 5G SM-A136W
Samsung Galaxy A13 SM-A137F
Samsung Galaxy A14 5G SM-A146U
Samsung Galaxy A14 5G SM-A146U1
Samsung Galaxy A15 SM-A155F
Samsung Galaxy A15 SM-A155F/DS
Samsung Galaxy A15 SM-A155M
Samsung Galaxy A15 SM-A155M/DS
Samsung Galaxy A15 SM-A155P
Samsung Galaxy A15 SM-A155R
Samsung Galaxy A21 S215DL
Samsung Galaxy A21 SM-1215U1
Samsung Galaxy A21 SM-A215U
Samsung Galaxy A21 SM-A215W
Samsung Galaxy A22 SM-A225F
Samsung Galaxy A22 SM-A225M
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G SM-A226B
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G SM-A226B
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G SM-A226B/DS
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G SM-A226BR
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G SM-A226BR
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G SM-A226L
Samsung Galaxy A24 4G SM-A245F
Samsung Galaxy A24 4G SM-A245F/DS
Samsung Galaxy A24 4G SM-A245F/DSN
Samsung Galaxy A24 4G SM-A245M
Samsung Galaxy A24 4G SM-A245M/DS
Samsung Galaxy A24 4G SM-A245N
Samsung Galaxy A31 SM-A315F
Samsung Galaxy A31 SM-A315G
Samsung Galaxy A31 SM-A315N
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G SM-A326B
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G SM-A326BR
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G SM-A326U
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G SM-A326W
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G SM-S326DL
Samsung Galaxy A32 SM-A325F
Samsung Galaxy A32 SM-A325M
Samsung Galaxy A32 SM-A325N
Samsung Galaxy A34 5G SM-A346E
Samsung Galaxy A41 SM-A415F
Samsung Galaxy F04 SM-E045F
Samsung Galaxy F04 SM-E045F/DS
Samsung Galaxy F22 SM-E225F
Samsung Galaxy F42 5G SM-E426B
Samsung Galaxy F42 5G SM-E426B/DS
Samsung Galaxy Jump 5G SM-A326K
Samsung Galaxy M01 Core SM-M013F
Samsung Galaxy M01s SM-M017F
Samsung Galaxy M02 SM-M022F
Samsung Galaxy M02 SM-M022G
Samsung Galaxy M02 SM-M022M
Samsung Galaxy M13 5G SM-M136B
Samsung Galaxy M13 5G SM-M136B/DS
Samsung Galaxy M22 SM-M225F
Samsung Galaxy M32 SM-M325F
Samsung Galaxy M32 SM-M325FV
Samsung Galaxy M53 5G SM-M536B
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite SM-T225N
Samsung Tab A7 Lite LTE SM-T225
Samsung Tab A7 Lite SM-T227

Added FRP Remove Huawei (Hisilicon)
Cpu support:
Kirin 620
Kirin 650
Kirin 655
Kirin 658
Kirin 659
Kirin 925
Kirin 935
Kirin 950
Kirin 960

Tested Model:
Huawei P8 Lite (2015)
Huawei Y6II
Honor 5C / 7 Lite
Honor 6X
Honor 7X
Honor 9 Lite
Huawei MediaPad T5
Huawei Nova 2
Huawei P10 Lite
Huawei P20 Lite / Nova 3e
Huawei P8 Lite (2017)
Huawei P9 Lite
Huawei Y9 (2018)
Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite
Huawei Nova 2i / Mate 10 Lite
Huawei P Smart 2018
Honor 6 Plus
Huawei P8
Honor 8 Pro / V9
Honor 8
Huawei P9 Standart
Honor 9S
Huawei Mate 9 Pro
Huawei Mate 9
Huawei MediaPad
Huawei Nova 2s
Huawei P10

[Previous Version]
Sumatech Tool_v1.4 has been Released.

Whats new:

Added FRP Reset MTP 2024
- Tecno | Infinix | Itel
- Open Dialer code (*#85#)

  Tested Model for FRP Reset MTP 2024.
- Infinix - Hot 40i (X6528)
- Infinix - Smart 7 HD (X6516)
- Infinix - Hot 12i (x665)
- Itel - A24  (L5007)

Added (Spd) Unisoc Module
- Diag mode  Feature:
- Enter diag
- Read info
- Factory Reset
- Read/Write IMEI 

Tested Model for Factory Reset /Read info /Repair Diag
- Infinix - Hot 40i (X6528)
- Infinix - Smart 7 HD (X6516)
- Itel - A24  (L5007)
- Tecno T-smart 4G (T920D)

Added Qualcomm Chip feature:
- Disable micloud
- Bypass micloud
- Erase FRP
- Factory Reset
- Safe Format
- Flashing
- Read GPT
- Read/Write/Erase partitions
- Added More than 348 loaders for Qualcomm chip Etc.
(you can add custom loader for a device that is not supported by universal loader)

- Now you can Activate your Window if it's not Activated by Using Sumatech Tool

Go to help tab then click Activate windows: Supported Windows Activation (7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11)

The Tool is not free (20 usdt)
- No need Credit
- No need Internet
- No need Activation
- Lifetime Tool

For More Info visit our site www.sumatechsolution.com
For Free or Paid Files and Exclusive Solution

[Previous Version]
Sumatech Tool v1.3 has been Released.

What's New:

Mediatek Brom Mode Feature:
- Read GPT
- Read/Write/Erase Partitions
- Bypass micloud
- Erase FRP
- Factory Reset
- Format Safe
- Format FS
- Backup NV
- Added Custom emi
(you can add custom preloader for a device that is not supported by Universal loader)

Supported Chipsets:
- MT6572, MT6580, MT6582
- MT6592, MT6595, MT6735
- MT6737, MT6739, MT6753
- MT6755, MT6757, MT6758
- MT6761, MT6763, MT6765
- MT6768, MT6771, MT6779
- MT6781, MT6785, MT6795
- MT6799, MT6833, MT6853
- MT6873, MT6877, MT6885
- MT6893...

Tested Model for Factory Reset And Frp Remove
Mobigo2, Mobigo2F, Mobigo2L, Mobigo2P, Infinix X665B, Infinix X658E.. 

- Fix Some bugs
- Many Internal changes

[Previous Version]
Sumatech Tool v1.2 has been Released.

What's New:

ADB Application manager feature
- Identify all installed apk with icon to listview box
- multi uninstall apk
- multi disable apk
- multi enable apk
- install apk
- install xapk
- search apk from textbox
- uninstall bloatware

- Samsung ODIN flasher function
- Flashing
- Fix softbrick
- read pit
- write pit
- Exit Download mode

Added Remove Samsung Account

Download and Install All Drivers
Install Visual C++ 2015-2022

- Fix Some bugs
- Many Internal changes

[Previous Version]
Sumatech Tool v1.1 has been Released. 

What's New:

Add Erase FRP

[MTP] Launch Browser
- Alliance Shield
- Browser (Youtube)
- Google Maps
- Hidden Setting (GalaxyStore)
- Hidden Setting (GalaxyStore) New 2021
- Samsung Browser
- Playstore
- Add Custom Link

[MTP] Read Information
[MTP] Reboot Download Mode
Erase FRP Paid Services [Server Credit]
Erase KG

[ODIN] Read Information

Read Full Info
Admin Remove Mobigo2+

- Fix Some bugs
- Many Internal Changes
- Gui changes

[Previous Version]

Sumatech Tool v1.0 has been Released.

What's New:

- Read Info
- Factory Reset
- Frp Remove
- Reboot to Recovery
- Reboot to Fastboot 
- Reboot to Download Mode
- Reboot to EDL

[Admin Remove]
 Supported Model:
- Alcatel 5007A, Alcatel 5007O
- Alcatel 5007G, Alcatel 5007u
- Mobigo2, Mobigo2F Mobigo2L,

[Fastboot Mode] 
- Read Info
- Factory Reset
- Frp Erase 
- Reboot to Recovery
- Reboot to EDL
- Lock Bootloader 
- Unlock Bootloader 
- Exit Fastboot

[Other Features] 
- Show your Computer information in setting tab
- Shut  Down Pc
- Restart pc
- Sign Out

Stay in Touch  New Update are On the way...

NOTE: This is paid Tool [20 USDT]

  •   No need Credit

        No need Internet

            No need Activation

 •   Lifetime Tool  

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